Beauty Amungst the Gloom

One can always find the beauty, sometimes it just takes a little more work.

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Kelli Swedenskey Kelli Swedenskey

Uploaded 7:52 AM on February 5, 2013
Posted in Still Life
Bakersfield, CA
Map of Bakersfield, CA


Kelli's photos
"The Special One" by Kelli Swedenskey Warm Rays by Kelli Swedenskey Beauty Amungst the Gloom by Kelli Swedenskey Freddy by Kelli Swedenskey Unclaimed by Kelli Swedenskey
Still Life category
Beauty Amungst the Gloom by Kelli Swedenskey the old clunker by Hilary Schwartzler 1935 V8 FORD - HOOD ORNAMENT by Allen Humphrey THIS SPIDER IS CONSERVING WATER by Allen Humphrey Fall Collection by James Burrow

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