Praying for the Mursi Tribe in Ethiopia

Pastor Wendell Vinson speaks live on the big screen with Karl Hargestam, leader of the Canyon Hills Missions Team in Ethiopia as they are about to reach the remote Mursi tribe, 10,000 people who have never heard of Jesus.

What an amazing time to live in, where you can corporately be involved in the very challenging logistics of reaching a remote people group with the Good News of Jesus Christ! The experience of not just supporting them, but also seeing live what is going on and hearing the report live, just is incredible. It is like the situation room in the movies where the SEAL teams are in contact by satellite. Gee, SEAL could be an acronym for Save Every Available Lost!

Isn't this a lot better than the typical news diet of death and destruction, depressing events, and desperate prognostications?

This is so cool that we can see our community is exporting good news, transformation, and healing? America has, unfortunately become known for trafficking in slavery, pornography, drugs, etc.

Seeing kids want to put it all on the line to change lives and whole people group is fantastic! These efforts are not without real risks, is not a sightseeing tour. Participant get training and other support in the preparation and implementation of the project.

Way to go, Bakersfield! People complain about getting nothing but bad news. Here is some good news!

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