Tea Light in Coffee Beans

Our fire pit has turquoise glass that looks amazing when the fire is going, but its not cold enough for the fire anymore. A bridge of wood made from a wine barrel stave with tea lights serves the same decorative function without the heat for the warmer months. Very relaxing. This was shot with a Nikkor S.C Auto 50mm F1:1.4 lens at f8 from about 2'. I cropped 2x and adjusted in Lightroom, adding the orange flame and highlights. This is a killer lens circa late '60s that came with an almost mint Nikkormat FTn. It's a manual lens requiring setting the aperture and then adjusting speed on the camera for the best results. Fun stuff.

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Greg Ketchum Greg Ketchum

Taken 6:18 PM on April 7, 2018
Uploaded 8:01 AM on April 8, 2018
Posted in Still Life
  • NIKON D5100
  • 100 ISO
Bakersfield, CA
Map of Bakersfield, CA


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