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Capture Kern County 2013 Calendar Update

We have a few updates on the Capture Kern County 2013 Calendar for you...

Here's something truly astounding: we wrapped up the Capture Kern County 2013 Calendar phase with an incredible 34,749 photo submissions, 672,957 votes, 26,616 loves and 35,580 comments. That's a ton of activity from a dedicated group of Kern County fans. Thanks to you all!

It's been so much putting the Capture Kern County 2013 Calendar together with so many talented local photographers contributing so many great photos of the area. Each month is a stunning look at Kern County. As we put the finishing touches on the production of the calendar and turn our attention to promoting and selling it, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Did you know the pre-sale discount on the Capture Kern County 2013 Calendar is set to expire soon? We'll post another update when we are down to a matter of hours left on the discount, but why wait? Buy your copies now while it's just $10.99 ($4 off)!

Cottonwood Tree by Abbe GoreAlso, we want to be sure you are up to speed on what to expect in terms of notification of selection for publication in the calendar. We just published the selected photographers list. Check it out to see if one of your favorite Capture Kern County photographers made it!

Now it's a test of patience for everyone (us included) as we wait for the finished calendars to roll off the presses. We will be counting down the days! After the calendar is released we will award the published photo awards to each specific photo that was selected for publication. The reason we award published photographer badges first then award published photo badges after release is simple: to build anticipation for the release of the calendar!

We'll have more updates for you over the next few weeks. In the meantime, keep submitted your best Kern County photos, vote for your favorites, join a group and help find the best of Kern County!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published almost 6 years ago in Capture Kern County News