Ancient Ruins at Hobo Hot Springs

Not much left of the place steeped in history.

This was originally known as Compressor Hot Springs or Clear Creek Hot Springs because an ingenious miner constructed a turbine that used water from Clear Creek to power a compressor that supplied air to underground miners in Havilah. A hobo camp with bath houses developed in the area during construction of the Borel power plant in 1901, changing the name to Hobo Hot Springs. The land was leased from the Forest Service for construction of a hotel in 1927. There was even an official post office established in 1932 that was used for the next 50 years. Professional therapists from Finland combined deep massage with the soothing effects of the hot springs. The name was changed to Miracle in 1947, for the 'miraculous' relief powers of the hot springs mineral waters. The hotel burned to the ground in 1975. The Forest Service cleared up the remaining hazards in recent years, but the trail to the springs and some rock tubs still remain. The water temperature comes out at 119 degrees. Miracle Hot Springs is 1/8 mile west of Hobo Campground. A short hiking trail leads to the springs. The historical information was gleaned from the writings of Bob Powers. A noted Kern County historical author. Bobs cousin Dennis was Best Man in my wedding.

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Miracle Hot Springs, CA
Map of Miracle Hot Springs, CA


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