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Allen Humphrey

NO VOTES PLEASE NOT IN KERN COUNTY. by Allen Humphrey in Friends & Family

One of my Brothers-in-law passed away in March of this year in Ohio. At the funeral the funeral home wouldn't let the VFW fold the flag, they said it was thier job. The funeral home did a lousy job of folding and the family was very upset. We went back on vacation in May and this folding was on everybody's mind because the flag wouldn't fit the flag container. There were plenty of Veterans in the Family so we decided to refold it ourselves at the Family Picknic. In this photo there are Bothers, Sisters, Nieces, Nephews and In-Laws. Every body who wanted to fold got to help and learned how to fold the flag the proper way. My wife and I on the left got it started and others joined in. This was just before Memorial Day. This was the last thing we could do for Joe Morelock a Vietnam Vet.

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