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Not much of you will probably care, but I am deleting my account. I was very excited and had high hopes for this website when I found it; I thought it was great that photographers all over Kern County could come here and upload their fantastic (and for many, amazing) photos. However, the one thing that keeps getting me is the Photo of the Day. The way I saw it when I first joined was that it was a great honor and something I actually strived for when uploading photos. Many of the PODs are absolutely amazing photos that truly show KC at it's finest, and yet recently some guy's random shot of his dinner has won twice. It's things like this that make me question this site's credibility. I'm sorry if this comes off as whiny- I just wanted to get my opinion out there and possibly see if anyone was feeling the same way.

Thanks for the good times while they lasted.

This site needs someone who will tell them the kind of improvement they need. I wrote them several times in the past and, of course, they always have a good answer for me, but I still don't see a very competitive contest. This site needs to bring back the good photographers, or at least make them interested in joining and posting their work. To do that, in my opinion, is to create a competitive contest where it will be based on good work and not just voting by the people. Voting will not be a fair game since it doesn't necessarily measure a job well done. For example, if you have more friends and are very active here, you have better chances on getting the votes. I'm not saying that people are voting without considering a good photograph, but it promotes bias IMHO. Everybody needs to present good WORK and not good WORDS. To me that is true competition.

I'm going to chime in here because I'm a music teacher, and I think a teaching moment is being called for. I'd like to provide photographers with some general tips for improving your photos. One is, to ALWAYS put your camera on a tripod, no matter how much trouble it takes. Two, use a remote shutter release. Three, learn how to spot focus your subject so you get the subject perfectly in focus. Four, know how much depth of field you want. These four things will greatly improve the sharpness of your photo as well as the composition. Also, don't take pictures in bright sunlight, the contrast is just too great. I've found that between 4 and 6 pm is a great time to shoot day time photos. Sometimes , no matter what you do, the situation is very contrasting. Don't be afraid to use a photo processing program. Don't be afraid of the technology. It is there to help you. You will see a dramatic improvement in the overall balance of your photo. Lastly, study the art of composition. Read photography books on composition. Also, study paintings of the great masters. Learn to see creatively.

Those are just some ideas that I've been working on. I have a long way to go in this art of photography. I'm learning new things every day and I don't pretend to be anybody out the ordinary. I just have a passion and want to learn as much as I can to make beautiful photographs.

More and more artist who work so hard to present shots of Kern County at it's best are not presenting their work on this site. That makes me sad because this is all about Kern County. Those artist could give their best presentation of what this site really need, they need to be recognized or at least be a part of a competitive arena. Those artist that are true to their work and will only present what's best for Kern County cannot be ignored, they are the one that could give pride to Kern County. Their work is an asset, and when they post, and get insulted it's just not fair,those artist could accept defeat to a worthy opponents.

This is just all but my own opinion because I admire good work.I work as a designer and good work is not new to me, it comes from different level, from simplicity to the most outrageous work. This site could do better, a good start is to bring back those GOOD ARTIST. Art to me is very much common sense you should know what is presentable and what is not. True artist don't settle for what he/she could just do, but to the best of his/her ability. We sometimes tell ourselves that we did it because that's just a shot, it just a shot and that's correct, but doing it better will give us more accomplishment as an artist. The true work of art are the ones that are well thought, and the true admirer of good work don't patronize the artist, it's admiration on how good the work is.

Because of the kind of system this website are doing, I decided to just cancel my account and enjoy the company of another website that really define quality work. I enjoyed this website at first but as it goes on the system became a form of patronizing people instead of admiring the work. Very sad,good photographs of Kern County are in the possession of such good photographers, they don't like to present it not because they are acting big shots, but instead they just don't like the idea of joining a website with not much integrity, and doesn't value good work.

Growth cannot be achieve with this kind of system and certainly talent will never be seen.We want to be proud of Kern County but it's all talk but no work. I'm sorry to those who feels that what I'm saying is hurtful to them, but the ones who understand what my position was, will certainly be those who wants improvement and be a better photographer. We can all get our so called awards on this site but to me it doesn't really count very much, if that award was nothing but through voting and pandering. Respect yourself and earn your badge genuinely, through good work. To that deleted user, you're not alone at least we got some pride.This is truly a disappointing exit for me.

I'm going to throw in my 2 cents worth here. I like this website it's one of the reasons I started using my camera again. I'll be the first to admit that maybe some of my postings do not measure up to "Good photography procedures". But I enjoy what I do. I am an impatient photographer I take my pictures on the run most of the time, I like quick snapshots. once upon a time I was belittled by a college professor because of my artistic style and I quit painting for almost 40 years. During that 40 years I designed over 400 custom homes along with logos, toys etc. etc. A few years ago I went back to using the camera. I can honestly say that CAPTURE KERN COUNTY has made me a better photographer. I look at every photo posted every day and it is an enjoyable experience. There are some very experienced professional people on this site and there are some amateurs. To all of those "deleted users" with the sour grapes I hope their comments don't discourage anybody from posting. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SITE GO SOMEPLACE ELSE.

I am certainly not one of the best photographers, but I have been absent from posting on this site for quite some time. Just read through the posts here and thought I would add my own comments. First of all, my absence has nothing to do with any of what is being discussed here however I do understand all of the opinions being expressed. My absence has been a combination of factors. I was out the area for some of the time and during the time I have been back my time has been occupied with a series of life's problems. What few pictures I have taken have not been in Kern County. Personally I do look forward to being able to go out and do some shooting and being able to post them to this board. Like Allen, this site has been an inspiration to me to pursue something that I truly enjoy doing. There are some amazing photos that have been posted by some amazing photographers. Steve is just one of them. Unfortunately it seems that over time, some of the best have simply stopped participating. Evidently from what is being posted here it would seem that some feel the site lacks credibility. Perhaps they are right in that the quality has waned at times. Their leaving is certainly not going to help that but everyone has to do what is right for them. At the same time I have noticed some newer faces. Perhaps some of their pictures are not the quality that some aspire too. I have noticed though that there are some whose work has and continues to show improvement. I have to think that having an outlet like this helps with that.

Steve I appreciate your putting yourself out there as an example. I may not have the most or the best equipment but I can certainly relate to what you are saying in regards to to time and effort you put in to your work. I am not comparing myself to you but I know that I have had some of those days and nights. I also have taken a lot of pictures that were not nearly as well planned out. Much like Allen, a lot of my pictures are taken on the run. I think both methods have their merits and can produce good albeit different types of work. I do agree that that the site encourages people to upload their best work but then again that can be rather subjective and the standard for that determination can vary from individual to individual. The other observation I would make that goes along with that is the site is called Capture Kern County. I think that implies that pictures should should portray Kern County. Like the movie title that would include the good, the bad, and the ugly. In other words show the beauty as well as some of the not so beautiful aspects of life in Kern County. To do that means that not all pictures are going to be of the highest quality. Just my opinion but that can be alright if the picture portrays life in Kern and evokes the feeling and emotion that was intended.

As far as awards and voting. Everyone likes to get recognition, whether they admit it or not (I am one of those who shuns it but will admit it does feel good). I think most of us recognize when it is truly deserved as well as when it is just patronization. There are some people that have stated they do not vote and their are others who vote for any and everything. I don't agree with either approach. In the case of not voting one of the reasons given is that they don't feel capable of judging others work. In my opinion that is just a cop out. They do judge and are very capable, they just don't vote. In some ways by them doing that they are actually sending a message that they are above voting. As far as over voting, I think some people get caught up and think they have to vote so others will vote for them. There is probably some truth to that. Personally I think both extremes contribute to the loss of credibility for the awards. Like Steve, I suspect that the process has become somewhat automated. I doubt it but don't know if that is how it started. I can understand how it would have evolved into that though. It is a lot of work to maintain 365 days a year. As for myself I do vote but only when I think it is deserved. I don't and won't vote for someone's picture because they voted for mine, and I would expect the same from others. I will admit I find it difficult to vote for a picture posted by someone who publicly states they do not vote at all. If their work truly deserves it though I will vote for it. I also agree that awards should have a degree of integrity behind them. I can't say that they currently do or don't since I have not participated much lately. From what I have observed there have been some selections made that I think were lacking. I don't know that it has always been a question of integrity so much as it has been a question of participation or lack of. So at least in my case even though I have not posted anything in a long time I do plan to stick around. Hopefully my participation will allow me to learn and lead me to be a better photographer. Who knows I might even become one of the best photographers such as Steve (I am not being facetious Steve I really do like your work) as well as a few others.

I too have been contemplating leaving the site. While I can appreciate great nature photo's and food photography (as long as it it professional and not an iPhone shot), It seems as though the POD isn't what it used to be.

Honestly I feel there needs to be a change in the way the POD is handled. It shouldn't be a POD maybe a Weekly, allowing more people to be part of it. Heck you make it a monthly and actually give a small prize away like many other websites do. $50 to Starbucks or something. I mean it's not like the BC is hurting for money. $50 a month for some good pictures to use in the paper isn't going to ruin their bottom line.

I also think that the BC needs a part time person to manage the site. I'm not sure how many local photographers actually know we have a CKC website. If the website were advertised to them they may be more inclined to post photo's to the website. I think there needs to be some time of lure to get those professionals to come here.

I don't claim to be a professional, far from it. I will this, if I were a professional, I wouldn't post on here anyways. The terms and conditions state that BC can use the pictures uploaded at any time without your permission. They may put you in the tag line, but they don't have to notify you or get your permission, for print or online. That is a big turn off for some professionals. Some don't mind, because Facebook and other picture hosting sites do the same thing, but you don't find every pro photographer on those sites either.

If I'm honest, CKC is not the first photography website I think about when I log on to look at photography stuff. The forums are more dead than Hillcrest at midnight. This is literally the newest post and it's almost a month old.

CKC is a pretty good site, but the BC could take a few pointers from other more successful photography forums. I'll continue to keep my membership but like I said, there's not much of a point in it if no one is actually going to use the site.

Who left the site? I have been taking a break and totally missed this.

"Join the community of folks who submit their photos, vote for their favorites, and love photography". Sounds pretty straight forward to me. There is nothing there that says "must be a professional or almost a professional". The reason I joined this site was that I could see a lot of amateurs like myself were posting and getting mostly encouraging feedback, kind of like a club of sorts. I can't read, vote and post everyday and I feel bad when I miss some or a lot of days. I know I've posted less than stellar photos and guess what?: I don't get many likes for those. This site works for me. I've learned a lot by asking questions of the photographers about technique, composition, etc. and even locations for shooting I had not thought of before. The contests have caused me to step out of snapshot mentality and pre-plan my shots. These are all reasons I will keep coming back, daily when possible. One more thought: To those that might feel there is a lack of quality photos on the site, please post more of your better work and set an example so the rest can aspire to be equals. That's how the site quality will improve.