I don't know if anyone noticed but there is considerable downsizing of the images here on our beloved CKC. Sometimes I look at my posts and question why the image is soft. When compared to the actual full size image the file downsize becomes extremely apparent. Anyone else notice this? or cares?

Yes Steve I have noticed.

Steve it is very noticeable!

Just saw this post Steve and yes, I noticed. For quite a while now I have been sharpening my photos prior to Upload so that they look descent on this site.

I saw your post by accident since, like most things on this site except for actual uploading of images and subsequent comments, there has been no activity for years. Yes, I've noticed that too, Steve. Maybe an attempt to save on server space? One thing is absolutely certain — you can ask a question of the administrators and you will never receive an answer.

Richard, I am glad that you noticed...appreciate your comment!